PEBS Assessment

PEBS (Pradero Employability Benchmarking Standard) Assessment

PEBS – Objectives

  • Select/Train the right Talent (Low Cost) & inculcate the Right culture, Teamwork & Business ethics in Students /Job aspirants by setting up “Employability Benchmarking standard” in conjunction with Academia.
  • Empower/Accredit these Talent (Provide the Knowledge, Software/ Application & Support at Low Cost) to ensure that they follow the Company Standards (Integrity, Authenticity, Transparency & Customer Focus) along with the Quality of the Product/Service they can offer (On Placement or as an Entrepreneur).
  • PIPL –TPS will set up “Placement Cell” for Selected/Trained students /Job aspirants in conjunction with the Corporates/ Companies & conduct the Placement Drives (On/Off Campus). In addition, we will also explore the options of Contract Staffing & place the desired candidates for our internal job requirements… FREE of COST.
  • Promote Entrepreneurship (Train, Accredit & provide the Software/Application support) & Connect them to the PIPL- Service Network. In addition, ensure the ROI (Service Provider & Customer) by connecting all the Stakeholders through the Central Help Desk.
  • PIPL is keen in bringing the entire Talent Supply-chain Network to a Single SW Platform (SAAS-Platform) on Cloud. In addition, setting up a Call Center/Service Desk to provide support to Customer & Seller Support.

Note: Since the Product/Service Performance is Tracked (Centralized Database) & the Feedback is shared with our partners (to improve). However, if in case anyone deliberately deviates the standards, they will be liable for Disqualification & would be out from the entire Supply-chain Network of PIPL.

PEBS – Assessment

PEBS – Benefits