Leadership Training

Team Leadership/ Organizational Leadership

Team Leadership/ Organizational Leadership

  •  How to set an example through your own work practices
  •  How to establish credibility, earn respect and build trust
  •  Exploring relevant leadership styles
  •  How to delegate and follow up effectively

Building performance and productivity

  •  Applying motivational techniques to your team
  •  How to increase morale and engagement
  •  How to encourage participation and teamwork

Effective planning procedures

  •  How to set and achieve goals through your team
  •  Planning and monitoring for goal achievement
  •  Decision making models/guidelines

Leading and managing meetings

  •  How to run meetings effectively
  •  When and why meetings need to be held
  •  Sharing of information with your team

Problem solving and relationship management

  •  Tips for managing effective working relationships
  •  Guidelines for handling conflicts, grievances and performance issues


  •  Upon completion of this team leader’s training course, participants will be able to:
  •  Understand what the role of being a team leader requires
  •  Develop their skills for personal effectiveness as a team leaders
  •  Build a range of strategies for successful team leadership