Customer Service

Customer Service

External Customer & Internal Customer Service

  •  Co-workers in other departments, management, and anyone else who you support by your daily work are your customers
  •  Internal customer service is the service we provide fellow employees and other departments within our own organizations, as well as our suppliers and anyone else with whom we work to get our jobs done

Expectations of an Internal Customer

  •  Excellent Service
  •  Understand their needs
  •  Good inter departmental cooperation
  •  Top class interpersonal skills especially Listening
  •  A professional approach
  •  Keeping up time and quality commitments


  •  Scope of Work – Clarity
  •  Clarifying Customer’s Expectations
  •  Information gathering – ‘Help me, Help you’
  •  Understanding Mutual Priorities
  •  Tips for Internal Customer Providers
  •  Tips for Internal Customers
  •  Building Trust and Rapport
  •  Resolving Conflicts
  •  Handling Escalations
  •  Non-Judgmental Listening
  •  Telephone & E Mail Etiquette
  •  Crucial Inter personal skills
  •  Customer Delight


  •  Identify ways to enhance internal customer service
  •  Reduce interdepartmental miscommunication and conflict
  •  Support priorities of internal customers
  •  Focus on problems rather than personalities
  •  Turn complaints into improvements
  •  Work together to meet organizational goals
  •         Improve workplace productivity